Hit a Wall, Break a Leg
BA Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

Hit a Wall, Break a Leg

Article —01.09.2020 14:09

Hit a Wall, Break a Leg is a portal to the final projects of the 2020 graduates of the Interior Architecture & Furniture Design department of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Join us on a fascinating journey where fact and fiction meet through artificial intelligence, infinite passages, sensory resistance, metaphysical dialogues, speculative materialization and spatial adaptability,

During their time with Interior Architecture & Furniture Design, the students focused on experiment and investigation, developing an independent mentality, a reflective design attitude and empathetic capacity.

The graduation projects are grouped into five themes:

  • Adjusted Arenas
  • Deconatminating the System
  • Tracing the Unknown
  • (A) Head of P
  • Locating Interrelations