Mushroom Radio Hosts Sunday 13 Sep
Milu Chen & Myra van der Veen

Mushroom Radio Hosts Sunday 13 Sep

Announcement—09.09.2020 13:54

With a focus on making the Graduation Show accessible for all visitors, this online platform hosts Mushroom Radio in an edition broadcasted directly from KABK's Gipsenzaal. The Mushroom Radio X Graduation Show 2020 is running in collaboration with students: Milu Chen & Myra van der Veen (BA Art Science), Pum van de Koppel (BA Fine Arts) & Kelvin Dijk (BA Photography), Lena Longefay & Omid Kheirabadi (MA Artistic Research), Hannah Mulqueen (BA I/M/D) & Leo Scarin (BA Fine Arts), Guenn Gustina (BA Fine Arts) & Farzane Noori (BA Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire).

Sunday 13 September - Hosts: Milu and Myra

Hello, welcome to the jungle of graduates! We are Milu and Myra, audiovisual artists from Art Science, and we like to invite you to our safari adventure through KABK. There will be music, live performances, insta adventures, and interviews with graduates, teachers, and alumni! So stay tuned maybe we will catch some extraordinary creatures!

Tune in to Mushroom Radio via the orange button below or visit the Mushroom Radio Website for more info!