Review Graduation Show with interviews on Glamcult
Rose Holmshaw, Glamcult

Review Graduation Show with interviews on Glamcult

Article —24.09.2020 16:25

Glamcult was at the Graduation Show and met with some of our graduates.

This is what Rose Holmshaw wrote:

'It’s definitely time for a KABK graduation again… For the day, we also were graced by meeting the faces of the school’s several Art degrees. This crafty bunch had come armed with film, photography and installation delights. Each chat brought us into conceptual wonderlands as it became clear that a critical eye and a delicate hand produces greatness. We saw performances, portraits, and a definite theme of the digitalised-self. It was a pleasure to experience self-expression and contemporary reflection, so we couldn’t resist sharing with y’all too. Enjoy!'

Read the full article including short interviews with graduates Marlot Meyer, Carmen Roca Igual, Tess de Gaaf , Salves van der Gronde, Naomi He-Ji van Heck, Nathan Doorduin here

Some of the questions that came by:

What is the inspiration for your graduate installation piece?

'Last year, I was doing a performance on a live stream website and all my classmates were watching. Because of the delay, they were only reacting a few seconds after I did anything. It was really weird because they were in the same space as me, but they were not really with me, they were in another world. This got me thinking – where does your body go when you are online? So the project started as a way of showing people that there is this interconnection (between physical and the digital worlds) that we don’t really see.'

Marlot Meyer, BA Interactive/Media/Design

How much did your project change owing to the regulations?

'The original scripting had to change completely because I couldn’t go to the woods to film anymore. However, the initial idea was still along the lines as what you see in the final project. It became more concrete with quarantine because I was in my thoughts a lot.'

Carmen Roca Igual, BA Interactive/Media/Design

You directly placed yourself in your work, then? How easy is it to do that?

'I think we all do it anyway. When you start as an artist you find something that intrigues or is a challenge to you and then make something with that. It’s also therapeutic to go through that process. The digital doll came from a physical maquette, so it’s not really, really me. Originally it’s from China and it’s actually a sex doll! I wanted to use her because I thought she was so beautiful with her silicone skin and her skeleton made of wire… she’s very bendable.'

Tess de Gaaf, BA Photography

You are graduating at a crazy time! What’s next for you?

'I do a lot of collaborations. I also create 3D sets for photographs for example… In the future, I would like to move to this type of world where different strengths and skills come together as a team. Working more on this game is also very exciting, getting exposure and getting me closer to having a team so that I could have a small game company. It’s such a male-orientated industry, but there are so many female gamers coming! We need more involvement!'

Salves van der Gronde, Ba Photography

What kind of community do you think your work speaks to?

'In general, I would say a Queer audience, as there is a strong focus on “being who you want to be”. However, I think my work can also be related to by anyone who is going through a bit of an identity crisis.'

Naomi He-Ji van Heck, BA Photography

It must have been a challenge graduating as the COVID class- what have the past couple of months looked like?

'I am a very wavy person. I’m quite sensitive so the beginning of the lockdown was very good for me. For me, it’s very difficult to go to places, because I become tired and can’t produce anymore. It was good to be online, and continue to work. I had more time and space to create. Of course, after a while, you become a bit secluded from the world which was difficult. My work, however, does not depend on people standing 1.5 m apart…'

Nathan Doorduin, BA Photography

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