Winners Graduation Awards 2020

Winners Graduation Awards 2020

Announcement—03.06.2023 09:14

We proudly present the Winners of the KABK Graduation Awards 2020! Well done everyone!

Graduation 2020 Partner Awards

Keep an Eye Textile & Fashion Award 2020

Winner: Inge Vaandering

From the jury report:

“This designer presents a convincing and sensory graduation collection. In her strong vision on material and design lies a strong authentic artistry, an important trait for our time. The layered nature of her work combines several disciplines and offers interesting promising opportunities for further exploration of her practice as a fashion designer.”

The award was handed out on Thursday 10 September during the EXPOSED 2020

Paul Schuitema Award  2020

Winner: Silvy Amorim Crespo, Bachelor Photography

From the jury report: "In her work, she claims her position within the discipline with a topical narrative, mediated through strong visuals that illustrate an understanding of how to reach an audience. She achieves this by combining a genuinely motivated thematic focus with evident editing skills and a 'professional curiosity' to explore photography - its codes, layers and technical possibilities - as the medium to address political and moral issues. Thus, she (indeed) relates to Schuitema's practice."

Stroom  Encouragement Award  2020

From the jury report:

"The first winner, Marlot Meyer (BA Interactive/ Media/ Design) reminded the jury about the importance of being playful and experimental, the importance of mediation and combining different platforms to address the relation between technology and the body and how this affects us. The work is multisensory, and brings together technology, the physical and performative action into a wholesome work. It is well thought through in terms of engaging audiences, and interacts directly with them both onsite and offsite. Meyer involved fellow students in the project - not only in realising it, but also in the onsight mediation of the work.

In the case of the second winner, Narges Mohammadi (BA Fine Arts), it was also through community building, the resourcefulness of the art community at school and collaboration that helped the artist to create her intensive labourous work. The work itself highlights to the jury the importance that art has for rememberance and commemoration, and the importance of working physically, with the hands, to build images that speak about the present and the past.

The jury was drawn into the playful, fantasy oriented environment by Mischa Lind and Tudor Ulrich (BA ArtScience), which reflected an intense collaboration and friendship in realising the work. It is a world on its own, where codes are at play that only seem to speak to the world that artists created and invented.”

Jan  Roëde  Award  2020

Winner: Erlend Evensen (BA Fine Arts)

From the jury report: “When the visitor enters this space, he feels as if he is in another dimension. The restriction which the artist has imposed on himself by not using color in the articulation of his forms, works extremely effectively. [..] The static omnipresence of the artwork unrolls as a dynamic succession of images and the viewer becomes part of a cinematic event that takes place in silence."

The Jan Roede jury is very impressed by the accomplishments of the graduating students that have dealt with all kinds of obstacles and restrictions during their graduation in the past months. Therefore, the other two nominees of the Jan Roede Award will also each be awarded with 1000 euros prize money: Isa van Lier (BA Fine Arts) Danny Choi (BA Fine Arts)

Heden Start Award  2020

Winner: Marlot Meyer (BA I/M/D)

From the jury report: “This work shows a dynamic interaction between physical installation, human body, digital interface, human and non-human participants. First there is the physical experience. But soon the conceptual stratification is revealed as well. Through audience participation, 'body' and network, both online and offline, it is shown here how the one constantly produces the other. In this way the installation forms a beautiful web in which everything is connected through a continuous process of action and reaction. With the help of technological tools, human intuition is encouraged in this space and an unprecedented range of experiences is made possible.”

Academy Shop Award  2020

Winner: Sabine Rovers (BA Photography)

From the jury report: “Cowboy Kees shows what many of us envy. Choosing the simple life and being very happy with it. Sabine also shows with her pictures that the feeling of liberty is all in the mind. Happiness is a choice. The pictures are simply beautiful!”

Waag Technology and Society Prize  2020

Winner:Leyla-Nour Benouniche (BA I/M/D)

"The voyage of Just this Spaceship through the internalised bias and pleasurable resistance is teaching us, how we, as individuals and institutions, can change to address the unprecedented times we live in. We were nor taught nor trained for isolation, alienation and displacement. Yet, the crew of this space/friend-ship is fuelling us with their honesty, humour and care required to ground ourselves into the unforeseen emerging realities."

Page Not Found Publishing Prize

Winner: Annemarie Wadlow (MA Artistic Research)

Thesis: 'Women Looking at Women Looking at Women'

From the jury report: “The jury was impressed by how this graduate’s publication supports the core intent of her thesis: which was to reinstate the female artists that misogynistic art history left behind and advocate for collective work. Publishing, that is: making public, is a form most suited to bringing back what was censored and turns the winner’s publication into a gesture well beyond academic requirements. Her intent is strengthened by the decision that almost every aspect of her publication, texts, type fonts and paper, be produced and designed by women, and their contributions, acknowledged on the very first pages. The see-through quality of pages pointedly reminds us that works never exists alone, but in community — a sisterhood that the winner brilliantly celebrates.”

Royal Academy Thesis Awards

Royal Academy Bachelor Thesis Award  2020

Winner: Ashleigh Wilson (BA Photography)

Thesis: 'Of Song and Suffering'

“The jury highly values the thoroughness of this graduate’s thesis, it is nuanced and grounded. It’s not a new topic but the author was able to shed new light on the subject, it makes a strong case for the value of culture in these times of crises. The Jury agrees that this thesis goes beyond the familiar and touches upon a deep and profound knowledge. That’s why this thesis deserved the honour of winning the KABK BA Thesis Award."

Honourable mention: Nicolai Schmelling (BA Graphic Design)

Royal Academy Master Thesis Award  2020

Winner: Adele Dipasquale, Master Artistic Research Thesis: 'All The Stories We Might Tell'

“The Jury finds the winning thesis wonderfully written: it’s complex, layered, knowing, reflective. Using carefully chosen words to question language. They appreciate the high ambition of this thesis. It is a true master thesis in that it explores the author’s own position in relation to the subject, the field and the world. The author explores questions that are relevant today. She is trying to unpack terms and go beyond the general definitions, pushing definitions and contradictions. The Jury was especially intrigued by ‘feminism’ in relation to ‘nature’.”

Royal Academy Department Awards

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Awards

Bachelor ArtScience department Award  2020 Winner: Ivan Čuić

Bachelor Fine Arts department Award  2020 Winner: Narges Mohammadi

Bachelor Photography department Award  2020 Winner: Bebe Blanco Agterberg

Bachelor Interior Architecture & Furniture department Award  2020 Winner: Laura Bosch

Bachelor Interactive/Media/Design department Award  2020 Winner: Carmen Roca Igual

Bachelor Graphic Design department Award  2020 Winner: Zuzanna Zgierska

Bachelor Textile & Fashion Department Award 2020 Winner: Inge Vaandering

Royal Academy Master Department Awards 

Master Artistic Research department Award  2020 Winner: Adele Dipasquale

Master ArtScience department Award  2020 Winner: Lianne van Roekel

Master Industrial Design department Award  2020 Winner: Sandipan Nath

Master Interior Architecture INSIDE department Award  2020 Winner: Mary Farwy

Master Non Linear Narrative department Award  2020 Winner: Cristina Lavosi

Master Photography & Society department Award  2020 Winner: Ana Nuñez Rodriguez

Master Type and Media department Award  2020 Winner: Céline Hurka

Royal Academy Awards

Royal Academy Bachelor Award

Winner: Edward Dżułaj, Bachelor Graphic Design

“With his delicate 'soft activist' approach the winner stresses the danger of the far-right fascist Polish political party ONR (National Radical Camp). For his graduation project the winner created his own private press armed with a scalpel and an airbrush, with which he rigorously censored ALL of the advertisements and other visual content created by the ONR from the last 86 years. By doing so, he changes the frequency of their voice in an eloquent, but decisive manner. The process and outcome of the act of censoring are documented in the form of a series of ornamental silkscreen / airbrush posters, a typeface, a handbound risograph book and a web extension that automatically reverts and censors negative content for you.”

Royal Academy Master Award

Winner: Sébastien Robert, Master ArtScience

“The winning project, that is part of an ongoing artistic research, is extremely urgent as well as authentic. It deals with the loss of centuries-old indigenous rituals and advanced knowledge of the natural world caused by global deforestation and climate change. By not only focusing on the disappearance of ecosystems, but on a way of living that depends on it, it chooses an original viewpoint. Based on thorough on site and ‘participatory’ research and collaboration a sincere and authentic position appears in the work."

Congratulations everyone!