Impression of graduation project by Alexandra Louka
Graduation Project

'Orange' is a documentary film about social division.

Throughout time we have come to accept our cultural identities as fixed and identifiable concepts. By looking into Cyprus, and the island's history of division, I suggest there is a possibility to explore and question these ideals, perhaps to erradicate them altogether, as they lead to ideas of social inclusion and exclusion. Meanwhile they are also mis-used and exploited as justifications for nationalist agendas.

An exploration of one's cultural identity can help ease these restrictions on what is considered 'us' and 'them'; I hope to suggest so for the peope of Cyprus as an essential step towards the unification of the island, which has been divided since a coup followed by an invasion in 1974.

The Invalid Propagation of Empire and Nation: The Paradox of Independence in a Nationalist World

This thesis looks into the post-colonial writer Homi K. Bhabha and the many interconnected terms he has coined to understand the relation between the coloniser and the colonised. These terms are used to understand the inconsistent and self-sabotaging nature of the imperialist agenda.

I have adopted Bhabha's explanations and ideas in order to apply them to nationalism; something I see as a modernised version of empire.

I look specifically at Cyprus as my case study when dealing with nationalism; and point out the similarities between empire and nation, as well as their shared divisive strategies used to indoctrinate the people and maintain power.