Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal - #1 Ailroe
Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal - #2 Lnean
Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal - #3 Ahilo
Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal - #4 Laoel
Graduation Project
Nocet Esse Hominem, Fas Est Esse Hominem - Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal

Nocet Esse Hominem, Fas Est Esse Hominem is a concept album by Itute, Eaaear, Rlu & Asal. The title of the artist comes from the names of the motors, which were generated using a formula to translate the number of each motor to letters of our alphabet. A similar approach is taken for the names of each track, using the bit length of each.

This path came from an extension of the concept of making music using motors. Seeing the motors as instruments, the artist would still be in control of the creative process and outcome. While that is still true in my case, I view myself as an observer to the process of creation. The sounds between similar motors vary, depending on a wide array of aspects, which creates a multitude of compositions by combining motor sounds. My role as observer in this process is to select and define interesting interactions and output those, while all the other possible interactions and outcomes still exist.

Master of Motor Music

In this thesis, the context of motor music is explored.

Through differences in motors, microphones, amplifiers and speakers that can be used.

By putting the sounds created by motors in its contextual era, referring to the Futurist movement which emphasized the dynamism, speed, energy and power of the machine and the vitaly, change and restlessness of modern life and connecting it with the current rise of electric cars to become fully independent of fossil fuels.

And by learning from previously made advances in art and music, such as John Cage's notational systems, György Ligeti's use of chaos in composition, Joseph Schilinger's system of order in composition, and Tinguely and DIAS's use of destruction in art.